For 17 years and 6 1/2 months, I’ve been a mom. During this time, I’ve watched many different people influence the lives of my two daughters. Many great influences and wonderful people but two stand out for their willingness to give - not just to Sydney but the children of others and even their parents.  Scott Jones and Katie Gerow Jones through their almost year old business, North Carolina Rowing Center, have given in methodical, instructional ways, in creative life-building ways, in community building ways and most of all in the building of the whole person. They teach us to row (yes, even Tim and I) and they emphasize character, relationships and giving to others. This is a husband and wife team you want your kids to be around, this is a husband and wife team you want to be around but most importantly, this is a husband and wife team you want to be a part of the heartstrings of your community. 2nd to none, North Carolina Rowing Center (on Facebook and instagram) is worth checking out.

Nancy Deaton

As a parent of two rowers at NCRC I can honestly tell parents or youth interested in rowing, North Carolina Rowing Center is the best program in the Piedmont Triad. The focus of the coaches is sports for development—developing the individual first and the rower second—instead of sports development which is building the sport for numbers only. It is not a case of, “Why didn’t you do better?” or “What were you thinking?” The coaches always encourage the youth to do their best—and it shows. Our youth rowers would do anything the coaches ask. Our youth help each other get their boats ready, launch and recover the boats and de-rig the boats not because they have to do it, but because they care for their team and teammates. The crews have improved so much with many breaking personal records multiple times and cutting minutes off their time from the fall!

Tim Mangum



This is a wonderful program!! Rowing is truly an incredible experience and the coaches and rowers at NCRC make it even better. Supportive, inspiring, encouraging, and fun are all words that come to mind when I think of NCRC. I would highly recommend coming out to Lake Higgins and giving rowing a try. It’s a sport for all ages and has the ability to provide something special for everyone. As for myself, I’ve found the greatest group of friends I could ask for, coaches that I look up to as role models, a sport that compares to no other, and an outlet for competition and fitness. Rowing is a sport that everyone should experience and North Carolina Rowing Center provides a safe, supportive, and fun atmosphere to learn and love this sport.

Ainsley Fox

Graduated Senior

Commendable coaches with an inclusive atmosphere no matter age or experience. All in all a great part of the growing rowing community.

Zack Marhshall

Graduated Senior

North Carolina rowing center is a great team because of its good coaching in and out of practice. At practice the coaches focus on good technique and making sure you’re doing the best you can do. They know how to make a good program so you can grow as a rower and love the sport. Out of practice they still coach us to be better people and help each other and the community. Joining NCRC has been one of the best things I could have ever done. If you’re interested in rowing or just want some exercise I highly recommend checking out North Carolina Rowing Center.

Ryan Lapierre
Rising Junior



“Rowing is a sport that often has a profound impact on people’s lives because it’s structure is an invitation for people to work together and push their own limits.   Katie and Scott Jones have a big impact on the people they work with because they are intelligent, thoughtful, and genuine. I am thrilled that they are bringing their passion and expertise for rowing and building community to North Carolina Rowing Center.   I highly recommend the opportunity to learn the sport of rowing with Katie and Scott.”

Whitney Otto

Four-time US National Team Rower

World Champion

Alternate 2000 Sydney Olympics

Consultant & Executive Coach

I had the pleasure of getting to know Scott and Katie when I taught Leadership in Coaching at the Institute for Rowing Leadership.  They possess ALL of the essential qualities to create and lead a dynamic club. The two qualities that stand out the most to me are:

        1) They REALLY CARE about people, and impacting people’s lives.  This is something that has been a consistent thread in every choice they have made individually and collectively.

        2) They are INTENSELY CURIOUS.  They have taken the time to educate themselves in the best possible environment, and they continue to seek new information from the wonderful collection of contacts and resources they have accumulated.  If someone needs some information, and Scott and Katie can’t provide it immediately, they WILL find the answer.

Justin Moore

27 Years Coaching 

Yale, Williams College and Syracuse University

US National Coach U18 & U23

Katie and Scott Jones, recent graduates of the Institute for Rowing Leadership, a graduate level coaching program, in Boston, MA, are two highly trained and skilled coaches. Passionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring, Katie and Scott are bringing rowing to North Carolina. What distinguishes them as coaches is that they have the ability to coach novices, para athletes, youth and adult, and high performance athletes--a rare skill set. I have been in coaching for 25 years and they are two of the most promising coaches I have encountered in my career. Spend some time under their tutelage. You won't be disappointed.

Wayne Berger

25 Years Coaching Junior, College, and International Athletes​

Harvard Assistant Coach 6yr


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